Men's Fellowship

The "Men's Fellowship" is an auxiliary committee which reports to the Parish council and is designed to give an opportunity for the young and adult men to serve the Lord in many ways.

The chairman of the men’s fellowship is appointed by the parish council and has full voting rights in the parish meetings; he is also responsible of organizing men of the church to provide a variety of services in agreement with parish council and priest. 

Meetings are conducted monthly to discuss the affair of the church and to organize social and spiritual events within the church. Many functions are organized jointly with the Ladies of the Redeemer to ensure maximum success.

Some of the activities conducted in the past were:

  • Helping during the annual festival; 
  • Organizing fund raising events such as the Spring Fling party and the Crab dinner party; 
  • Fishing trips and hiking trips; 
  • Help during Sunday services, Easter and Christmas; 
  • Maintain the church grounds; 
  • Social visitation to strengthen unity within the church; 
  • Spiritual retreats.